Will you stop for “a while”?

Date: 05. 08. 2016, 12:00- 14:00
Location: Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Everyday thousand of natives and tourists pass through Alexanderplatz. Will they stop for a performance? How many minutes are they willing to spend for art?

I have seen lots of pedestrians who passed by the street performers without one glance, who haven’t stayed for one moment. And most of time I was also like them, coming and going hurriedly. Today I become a performer, together with a friend of mine, we intended to perform two hours and to see how much time we can get the people to spend.

During this performance process, I observed how more and more people gathered around us, they stood five meters away from us forming a half circle. Four to five minutes, one song, after I finished the show, they gave us a long time of applause. My friend and I, we alternated the performance for two hours.

For this artistic intervention in the public space, I am satisfied with the results. Because there were people, who stopped a while for art.