In public/urban space, Jiaying awakens people’s interest in intercultural art and promotes the exchange between cultures.

She was born in Zhejiang (CHN), works and lives now in Berlin (DE).

Chinese ink on ricepaper, “Begegnung”, See of Japan, 2019
Installation, Tell me your C.A.T., Tête, 2019
Performance, “Will you stop for ‘a while’?”, in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, 2016



Chinese ink on ricepaper, 2019

Historically many national and subnational borders are formed by or follow natural landmarks like mountain ranges, rivers, lakes or the sea. Historically these landmarks formed clearly visible boundaries, that where hard to pass obstacles to the medieval traveler. In times of strong nation-states and especially so in times of war these borders where strongly guarded making them even less permeable.

So far the project includes paintings taken from three boundary waters: From the river Rhein where it forms the border between France and Germany. From the sea of Japan that forms the border between Korea, Korea, China and Japan. From the River Oder where it forms the Border between Poland and Germany.


Hi there,

I organize creative events for people with an interest in Chinese art and culture: calligraphy, ink painting, tea ceremony, paper folding and much more.

* I speak 中文 / Deutsch / English.
* You’ll get cups of green/flower tee, which I brought from China.
* Small groups with a strong focus on individual artistic expression.For further Information and booking contact me by Email!

Yours sincerely,


Want some different from another? Write me email, tell me about your requirements for the product and I will make it for you.