Sehe meine Stimme

participatory art project
01th Sep. – 31th Oct. 2020
23th Oct. 2020 – 1th August 2021
Burg Ranis

The art project “Sehe meine Stimme” is about the perception and memory of Ranis residents concerning their city.

I was always walking around in the city to encounter the Ranis residents, to talk to them, to walk with them for a while, or to visit them at home, hearing about their life experiences in Ranis and their connection to their city and to collect their color perceptions about Ranis. Inspired by the scenery in  Ranis, the surrounding landscape and the people’s color perception, my paintings were then created and the place and the people became an essential part of the creation process.

The objects that people keep at home are filled with personal meaning and memory. On the basis of individual objects and the related stories, a small collection has been created in which a reflection of personal memory as a historical source comes together. History as it arises from life experience and is passed on.

The collected works, consisting of the paintings and the objects with their stories, are exhibited at Ranis Castle from October 23, 2020 to August 1, 2021. The exhibition allows us to see the voices of Ranis residents through the colors they associate with the places around them and through the memories inherent in the objects they keep.