On Timing and Duration

An exhibition on the duration of art and the time of is spectators

Opening: Thursday, 27. 10. 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition open: 28. 10 – 10. 11. 2016
Location: Einsteinufer. 43, 10587 Berlin

My project Uniquely You wants to awaken the uniqueness of visitors on two levels, mentally and socially. For this the method of the Camera obscura is employed, to experience time, space and the outside world differently. Limited to exactly 12 plus 18 minutes, group workshops will furthermore capture the feelings, sensations and memories of the participants.

About Workshop

In the first twelve minutes I lead the participants to observe the upside down projection on the darkroom wall. Any details could be the object of our observation: sky, trees, flag, buildings, roof, passersby, colours etc. I ask them to take a few minutes, connect the projections that they see with their personal experiences. The next eighteen minutes are divided into two parts. During the first nine minutes the participants are going to write down what they saw in the Camera obscura room. During this process, the brain integrates and extracts the information about what has just been seen. During the second nine minutes the participants are going to write down what they remembered during the observation. It is a process that prompts the brain to associate.