Farbklang im Güntzelkiez

Participatory art project
116 participants, 194 color perceptions
03th May. – 04th Jul. 2021
17th Jun. – 27th Jun. 2021

The art project “Farbklang im Güntzelkiez” is about the perceptions of Berlin residents concerning their neighbourhood.

I’ve been in Güntzelkiez for a month and a half. I got to know nice tea shops and delicious restaurants and snack bars. I met a lot of people and we talked about the perceptions of the Güntzelkiez. During that time I spoke to over 130 people, 116 of whom took part in my project. A total of 194 color perceptions were collected. Of the color perceptions, green was mentioned most frequently – 54 times, and then yellow – 31 times, blue – 27 times, orange – 20 times, red – 17 times, pink – 9 times, gray – 8 times and so on. In total, the residents mentioned 15 different color categories.

During this project, some people remembered their childhood. Some have compared the Güntzelkiez with their previous places of residence and noticed big differences. Some have just moved into the Güntzelkiez a few months ago and are looking forward to their new life here. Some have lived in Güntzelkiez for over 40 years and are very satisfied and happy. With this project I try to encourage people to look at Güntzelkiez from a new perspective and to perceive the surroundings more.

I see the Güntzelkiez as an open, friendly, nice and warm neighborhood.