Einzigartig Du

Date: 21.05 – 17.07.2016
Location: Bernau-Süd

My Project EINZIGARTIG DU aimed at awaking the uniqueness of the local people in Bernau on two levels – mentally and socially. For this the method of the Camera obscura, a pinhole camera was employed, to experience time, space and the outside world differently.

Two different tours were offered using a mobile camera obscura. It was mounted on a bicycle to form an unusual rickshaw. Participants entered into the mobile camera obscura and were driven through the community or through the surrounding fields. In order to project the world outside into the small space, to let the light in and to experience the scenery upside down, people were able to open a hole on three sides (left, right and back).

In addition, another fixed camera obscura installations were built in a local coffee shop and in a kindergarten. In small groups, people observed the inverse projections of the world outside.

The observation process has been discussed and people’s perceptions have been recorded using questions like: What did you perceive during the tour? What do you feel right now right here? What memories are or have been aroused? This project aims to document the unique feelings, sensations and memories of local people.