Denk um! & Mach mit!

Exhibition: 22. 04 – 02. 06. 2018
Location: Galerie Bernau

In cooperation with three artists from Berlin and its surroundings, the Galerie Bernau was transformed into an artist studio for six weeks.

Art is often viewed with distance, listened to, passively consumed. DENK UM & MACH MIT (German for rethink & participate!) is about participatory art. The gallery visitors were transformed into participants. In the process of this project, the visitors even became artists. And a stronger emotional connection to the artwork was created.

Communication, team-work and independent presentation contributed to the social learning of the participants. The diverse background of the artists themselves, who bring along experiences from their cultures, contributed a central intercultural aspect to the project. The visitors did not only have the opportunity to interact with the artwork and the artists, but also with the cultures they came from. These cultural differences were made visible and inspired in the artistic process. Rethinking was facilitated in a broader sense, not only concerning the concept of art but also the various aspects and contents of the project.

Through the artistic process, we as artists, created a cozy, open atmosphere. This made it easy to participate for people of all backgrounds and enabled them to develop their own artistic skills.

The project that I contributed to this group effort was about sustainability, participation and cultural values. It made Chinese art and culture accessible to all. My goal was to awake the interest of the participants in Chinese art and thus support the exchange between the cultures. Dealing with the art of other cultures is one of the best ways to understand the true nature of these cultures.