Participatory art project, Schwedt/Oder
18.07 – 30.07.2022

Group exhibition
29th Jul. – 08th Sep. 2022        
Location: Galerie am Kietz
Gerberstraße 2, 16303 Schwedt/Oder

Residency program
31. Internationales Landschaftspleinair „Künstler erleben den Nationalpark Unteres Odertal“

The art project “Das Leben der Aue” is about the uniqueness of the floodplain landscape around Schwedt/Oder. The ditches, the lakes, the Oder itself and its backwaters, the waters from the Lower Oder Valley National Park have become the focus of my work for two weeks. During my stay, I worked on site at different locations in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. At the End of my stay I combined the different parts of my work in an exhibition of a collage of site-specific narrative paintings present- ing the life of the floodplain and a room spanning installation that reflects people’s thoughts and observations related to water. 

People are cordially invited to write down their thoughts and reflections on water and to add them to the installation. Their participation complements the installation and enriches the meaning of my work.